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Treatment Description


Undertake initial assessment, treatment and plan treatment for further visits.
Subsequent Treatment
Clinic visits to maintain good foot health. Cost includes all items required for treatment, but excludes medications or orthotics.
Subsequent Treatment (DOMICILLIARY)
Domiciliary visits for housebound patients. Cost includes all items required for treatment, but excludes medications or orthotics.
In-growing Toenail

Removal of a nail spike, which has penetrated the skin, causing pain and infection. Local anaesthetic can be administered if required.

£30.00 to
Nail Surgery 
Treatment for a range of nail conditions, which will require the nail to be surgically removed under local anaesthetic.

£250.00 to
Fungal Nail Treatments
Fungal Culture - microbiological test to determine fungal presence.

Photodynamic Antimicrobial Thearpy 

Treatment for fungal infection of the nails. This is a course of 3 treatment with in 7 days.  Then 1 follow-up treatment each week for 3-5 weeks. Involves application of a light sensitive gel to the affected nail and application of photodynamic light.

£47.00 for the first digit & £7.00 per additional  digit per treatment.

Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Treatment for Sweaty Feet. Initial course of eight treatments within the first month.

Individual follow up single maintenance treatments.


Verrucae Treatments 

A range of treatments to treat verrucaes which include:- chemical Cautery, Electrocautery and surgical excision. Initial assessment require before ongoing treatment started.

£24.00 to
Falknor's Needling for Verrucae

This procedure is carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic.  A needle is used to puncture the verrucae to cause a immune response.  This price includes the procedure and the two follow-up appointments.  

An intial Consult will be required to undertake a medical assessmenmt and suitability for Falknor's Needling

Medi - Pedicure Treatment
The Medi-Pedi will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.  

It includes a Foot Soak, Foot Scrub, Nail Trim/Reshape, Callous Removal, Nourishing Oil, Hot Paraffin Wax and Luxury Intense Balm.

Simply Toenails
Straight forward toenail cut only. Please see Simply Toenails for more details

LCN Nail Reconstruction
A UV gel designed specifically for the reconstitution of toenails to disguise unsightly toenails to to replace lost nails.£30.00 to £60.00
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